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Shogun will hopefully be a massive strategy game in realtime 3D, where you can move your camera closer and father plus rotate it to get a better overview.

Between battles you will rest in villages where you can buy new weapons for your troops, or recruit new troops, or talk to the locals, or something comepletely different. mail me your suggestions. I haven't figured out much about the plot, except that you're a Japanese dude who wants to become shogun, supreme head of the military. This quest will take you through most of Japan, where you will be exposed to side plots, and quests to gain honor and money so you can recruit new troops. That will be the default campaign, but the game will support creating new levels and units (the tools for this will be included with the source when they are finished), so that it will be possible to create a whole new campaign taking place on Tatooine or some other far out place. When the tools for creating levels units and even campaigns are included, many people will hopefully start to contribute new campaigns (and in a distant future, perhaps even multiplayer will be possible). An example of the succes that can come out of such a game can be seen with bungie's Myth II: Soulblighter, ported to Linux by Loki (, at you can find over 1500 multi/single player maps and campaigns for Myth II, in some distant future, perhaps that'll be possible for Shogun.



Tips, sugestions, help, corrections etc. can be mailed to:

thewaytopower-developers AT


this program uses libSDL, distributed under LGPL, so I'm supposd to include the latest libSDL source with the game. I will propably do this some time, but so far I'll just ask you to drop in at and hope that this will do it for now.